Passion for water, love of nature and its beauty

Big Blu has been building swimming pools for the private and public sector for 50 years, experience that allows the company to build swimming pools that perfectly integrate into the landscape and its features.

We like to consider a swimming pool as a work dedicated to pleasure and beauty. This is why Big Blu studies each minute detail of every project.

To achieve efficiency, the construction of each swimming pool is designed with the indispensable variants to balance the technical and aesthetic aspect, creating a harmonious environment in line with the client’s wishes. We analyse and solve every problem, from the design phase to construction and choice of finishes, reducing maintenance to a minimum.

Big Blu Swimming Pools have always represented the perfect combination of experience and passion.

Your Big Blu swimming pool

Creativity and innovation, strict testing and accurate fine-tuning of techniques and materials: these are the special qualities that give form and substance to Big Blu’s work.

An essential balance which in each swimming pool, whatever size and intended use, allows us to achieve the best.

We integrate shapes and materials into the environment and the landscape, in compliance with the most ancient traditions.

Focus on

Querciolaia Spa

Renovation and extension of the thermal park “Antica Querciolaia” with the construction of a wellness centre, ...

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Tana del Pirata

R.C. structure Touch PVC covering Spillways under the head of the water Whirlpool area and effects with water Construction as the gener...

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Villa Cheta

Infinity spillway edge in extra hard "pietra serena" Touch PVC covering Construction of filtering systems, covering and finishing works for t...

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Castelfalfi Estate

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool Mosaic covering Indoor swimming pool with wellness course and effects with water. Construction as the gen...

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Riva del Sole

Preliminary study, executive design and construction as the general contractor of the extension to the hotel complex “Read more

Zalu Resort – Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Executive design and construction of water filtration and treatment systems servicing 11 swimming pools, including private ones and 1 collective 60...

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R.C. structure Dimensions 4.00 x 11.00 Internal covering in exposed stone on the sides and regular format on the bottom E...

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Monteferrato 2

R.C. structure Dimensions 4.00 x 13.50 Internal covering in large sized, sand coloured stoneware Overflow edge covered in...

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Designer pools on display in France

Designer pools on display in France 16/02/2018 – Twenty of the most beautiful private designer pools of the last century. It is the “Domestic Pools” exhibition in Hyères, in the area around the modernist residence Villa Noailles, now a cultural venue. Already the background of choice for art and cinema, the pools of the selection chosen […]

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What is cyanuric acid?

Cyanuric Acid To maintain optimum chlorine levels in the pool What is cyanuric acid? Cyanuric acid is a substance contained in dichlorine and trichlorine. Its particular characteristic is to “protect” the chlorine from the action of the UV rays of the sun that tends to degrade it, therefore helping to maintain optimal chlorine levels in […]

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"Big Blu Sport srl. Operazione/Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POS FESR Toscana 2014-2020"
Via dell'Artigianato, 2
53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI)
Tel. (+39) 0577 740280
Fax (+39) 0577 740960
"Big Blu Sport srl. Project co-financed under Tuscany POS FESR 2014-2020"