The swimming pool in winter

With the arrival of the cold season, an outside swimming pool must be prepared to deal with winter.

Usually, it is normal to empty the swimming pool, which is wrong because the water:
– establishes a static equilibrium with the rest of the structure and the ground
– forms an insulation, at times preventing external water infiltrations (in particular in steel, fibreglass and polyvinyl swimming pools)
– establishes a thermal balance which prevents the surfaces inside the swimming pool from freezing with the hazards of detaching the covering and waterproofing (in particular in reinforced cement swimming pools)
You are therefore advised to leave the water in and carry out a treatment with chemical products and, if necessary, cover the swimming pool with winter covers in PVC or polyethylene
Over the winter covers of the swimming pool you can put an electric submersible pump to remove rain water and avoid breaking the cover due to excess weight of the accumulated water.
The pump motor should be removed in particularly damp environments.

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