“A clean swimming pool is a healthy swimming pool” – swimming pool cleaners

Cleaners for swimming pools 

A clean swimming pool is a healthy swimming pool: it is therefore always important to carry our ordinary cleaning with absolute attention, to eliminate any dirt residue deposited on the surface.

Automatic cleaners allow adequate intervention, to guarantee constant, precise and efficient cleaning of the swimming pool, both on the bottom and the sides.

The pleasure of gaining loyalty, purchasing from experts

Maytronics has been perfecting automatic swimming pool cleaners since 1983.

Built on thirty years of sector experience, Dolphin robots combine advanced technologies and proven reliability, in the long term.

How they work

Dolphin swimming pool cleaners offer the most efficient and financially beneficial method to obtain a constantly clean swimming pool. They differ from other pressure and vacuum cleaners that depend on an external pump and filter, in that Dolphin swimming pool cleaning robots receive electricity from a normal electrical socket and have their own filtration system. Moving freely in the swimming pool, Dolphin robots remove dirt and dust in the water with an advanced brushes system.

The “M” series is on offer up to 30.03.2018, request info from coin.italia@bigblu.it

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