Big Blu Group continues its partnership with Emma Villas Siena

“We want to continue our partnership with Emma Villas Siena. The collaboration that we started has been highly positive, we will continue with what we have done and what we are doing”. Diego Verdiani, Sole Director of Big Blu Group, has become a huge fan of the volleyball company of the Chairperson Giammarco Bisogno. He has watched many of the team’s games, at home and away: he was delighted during the good times and suffered during the less positive ones. “This sports project thrills me – stated Verdiani – and based on company reasoning, the results obtained reward the choice I have made. We have in fact begun new collaborations which will certainly be useful to expand the company”. Among other things, last season Big Blu branded the special shirt of the two libero roles on the team.


“We approached volleyball – explains Diego Verdiani – because in the Emma Villas Siena project we identified the right values of sport as a way of life. During this period we have been able to appreciate in particular the great value given to human relationships and the desire to build networks and create synergies among all the companies that are involved in this project. It was, therefore, a natural choice to continue this collaboration. Emma Villas is a very important partner for us, we also work in complementary sectors: thanks to this relationship it is possible to build networks and create synergies. Hoping to be able to face the future with optimism even in these difficult economic times that we are facing together”.

Verdiani, as a fan of volleyball, commented on the market so far made by the company: “The operations carried out seem excellent to me, starting from the choice of the coach. Bruno Bagnoli is a person of significant experience and recognized skills. I’m also happy with the confirmations. Marco Fabroni showed a high level of the continuity of performance last season. Vincenzo Spadavecchia is the player who matured the most during the year. Filippo Vedovotto has extraordinary qualities and his curriculum speaks for itself. There is a pinch of regret for the departures of Sergio Noda Blanco and Renato Russomanno, it will be sad not to see them wear the shirt of the Emma Villas. Russomanno, in particular, is a player that I have always supported in a special way: he has done so much for this team, I really appreciated his performance last season”.

Verdiani also comments on the new purchases: “Martin Nemec and Michele Fedrizzi are players with a curriculum much higher than that of the A2 league. They have won a league title and have worn the shirts of their respective national teams. I think they will be two very important players in the Emma Villas that will take part in the next league championship”.

Big Blu is one of the historical companies from Siena, among the first in Italy to start building pools at the end of the sixties. Since then it has grown with a combination of innovation and tradition.
Innovation because over time the activity has been transformed and expanded even outside the national borders. Today the Big Blu Group Consortium includes the four companies introduced by the original one, providing services that range from restructuring and new constructions in the construction sector, to the construction of swimming pools, wellness centres and sports facilities, to energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions, up to maintenance and after-sales service on swimming pools and wellness centres.

Tradition because the founding members continue to lead the Group, increasingly accompanied and supported by the second generation in a mix of enthusiasm and experience, in the common determination to continue to help the Big Blu group grow in Italy and abroad.

“The next season will be the third sports season with the Big Blu Group – says Guglielmo Ascheri, the Sales & Marketing Manager of Emma Villas Siena – with which we have shared a clear marketing strategy right from the very beginning. A partnership that has focused on a strong repositioning of the brand on the local and national territory, embracing the healthy values of an important movement like that of volleyball in Italy and identifying, with enthusiasm, the great prospects and numerous opportunities that are linked to the sports project of our club. Big Blu – continues Ascheri – will have the customized shirt of the libero again next year, an operation that ensures high visibility of the company and a strong positioning of the brand in combination with the Emma Villas brand. We are talking about an important sales and marketing strategy that, with great satisfaction from both sides, we can say has been won, once again confirmation of the effectiveness of the work done up to now.

Big Blu is one of the leading companies in Italy in its sector and this is part of the significant targets that we have always set ourselves, in aiming to create important partnerships with companies recognized and appreciated in their field and through their expertise, able to provide that fundamental added value necessary for the right development and growth of our project”.

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