BIG BLU a story of passion

It was 1968, when Mr. and Mrs. A. had just bought a property in Chianti and they asked us to build a swimming pool for them.

We, as young builders at the time, were surprised and dubious as we had never built one, but Mr. and Mrs. A were convinced, telling us: “You’ll do a great job!”

When the job was done, on seeing the pool full of water, a delighted Mrs. A exclaimed “Wow, this is BIG BLU!

And so, our story began.


The endless flow of foreign buyers in the Seventies, the boom years in Chianti, allowed us to acquire work orders, more experience and professionalism.

One thing led to another and from private clients we quickly moved on to working on public sports complexes. Olympic and semi-Olympic swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches and all-purpose structures.

Step by step we became established at national level and even beyond, evolving over the course of the Eighties from a small, artisan business to a real specialist, dynamic and innovative company structured in multiple sectors.

That’s how our chemical-water processing department came about, offering support and maintenance for swimming pools, post-construction, and the construction department developed, renovating farmsteads and entire Tuscan hamlets, with preservation works and extension of civil public and military buildings.

In the Nineties the huge demand for property further promoted our expansion into the residential construction sector, with every type of construction, from detached villas to entire residential complexes, up to commercial buildings with the construction of retail points for some of the largest sector companies.

From2000, there was a natural professional progression into swimming pools, expanding our work into the world of wellness.

Multiple works followed with the construction of wellness centres in farmhouse resorts, hotels and private residences, using modern techniques and solutions, customised and designed to meet clients’ needs.

Since 2007 we have gone full circle with our group skills, entering the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. We design and install photovoltaic, solar, wind panels, air conditioning, cogeneration, led lighting and biomass boiler systems.


However, we have never forgotten our roots, our continuous story with the same passion as fifty years ago…



p.s. Mr. and Mrs. A’s swimming pool is still working perfectly today


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